Peto product series has been designed to revolutionise post-processing in professional firewood production. The depreciation time for the investment in Peto machines has been proved to be short since the machines decrease the amount of handwork in the production and also lower the cost off packing material. A new level of productivity waits for you!

Packing machine Peto 1000

Packing machine Peto 1000 is a superior machine at packing firewood. Together with Peto 400 grappler it takes only three minutes to pack one cubic meter of firewood. In addition you can also save in the cost of packing material. With Peto 1000 the packing material can cost less than 1 €/cubic meter.

You can transport Peto 1000 packing machine with tractor's forks, three-point hitch or a wagon. Peto 1000 weighs under 900kg. The machine functions solely with hydraulics.

Step into a new era in firewood packing and order your own Peto 1000 packing machine.

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